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Why invest in Terracycle?

Strong organic growth
2019 2018
PROFIT $3.2MM $1.2MM
DIVIDEND $2.65 $2.09
Global Impact

People recycling: 200MM+

Waste units collected: 7.7 BILLION+

Money for charity: $44MM+

Open to all

Minimum investment: $700

No accredited investor requirement

The Terracycle Breakthrough

Breakthrough img 1
National Collection platforms for previously unrecyclable waste
Breakthrough img 2
SolutionS through science to transform waste into new materials
Breakthrough img 3
Profitable business models for our clients to make it all work and scale

At TerraCycle we’ve cracked the code. We profitably recycle what most consider to be “unrecyclable.” Today, not someday in the future, pretty much everything we once considered non-recyclable waste can be collected and transformed into raw materials for the creation of new products.

Developing complete solutions is our business model. Our solutions have been mastered profitably client after client and “unrecyclable” waste stream after waste stream — a combination of processes, that, to our knowledge, no other firm in the US has the range of business services to offer!

Present us with a challenge, and we develop the solution.


We combine strategy, logistics, science and technology, promotion and custom business models that together make each of our programs a profitable and scalable platform for our clients, their customers, as well as TerraCycle and its shareholders; all while eliminating the idea of waste.

An expert investment

“I love your social mission, but [what] I love the best, the most... Profitable with a dividend? Everybody knows
that’s what I’m all about! It’s a great story, I wish you the best of luck, and keep up the great work.”

— Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary

An expert investor and businessman well-known for his appearances as one of the “sharks” on the multi-Emmy® award-winning reality show Shark Tank, Mr. Wonderful believes in the power of entrepreneurship to generate profits and change the world.

Watch O’Leary in conversation with Tom Szaky, TerraCycle’s founder and CEO, to learn how TerraCycle’s purpose-driven business model generates returns and creates value for stakeholders through sustainability.

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What people Are Saying

Some Of Our Clients

And many more

The terracycle process

Our approach stands alone. Rather than focusing on a single waste stream for recycling and then building the infrastructure around it, we have built the processes to design a profitable recycling solution for almost everything that we consider waste.

Tc process img 1
Step 1:

We inspire and motivate businesses, NGOs, communities, schools and individuals to collect various waste streams on a massive scale (typically those that no one else can recycle)...

Tc process img 2
Step 2:

We develop science and technology to determine how to optimally transform large quantities of non-recyclables into manufacturer-ready, raw materials.

Tc process img 3
Step 3:
Business Model

We design a profitable equation for each client—from driving market share, to in-store foot traffic, to offering a competitive advantage that differentiates the brand or product, all in a scalable platform.

Beach plastic can be transformed into shampoo bottles, toothbrushes into playgrounds, cigarette butts into benches; the permutations are endless.

Clients present us with challenges. We develop profitable and scalable solutions.

Our process in action

Generally, it’s much cheaper to toss waste into a landfill rather than recycle it. TerraCycle’s breakthrough business modeling and collection processes enables companies to invert this equation and move towards a truly circular economy.


Revenue and Profit Growth

2018 2019
$20MM $27MM
2018 2019
$1.2M $3.2M

TerraCycle US Inc. is committed to returning at least 50% of net profit to our shareholders each year as an annual dividend.

Annual Per-Share Dividends Paid
2018 2019
$2.09 $2.65


For the first time in years, TerraCycle US Inc is accepting new investors. By investing, you will be a proud owner of a firm that’s revolutionizing recycling. We are changing perspectives, encouraging giant corporations to profitably reimagine their supply chain and customer experience. As an intentional by-product, our clients are helping to save the environment.

Invest in TerraCycle to participate in a growing company, to receive an annual dividend each year we are profitable and to ensure a better planet.

Unique, innovative, profitable

Everything everyone owns will eventually become “waste.” Converting a global problem into year-on-year growth with proven, sustainably profitable, first-of-its-kind products and services, TerraCycle is the only company in the world creating value by recycling the non-recyclable.

No other business does what we do, so we have no direct competitors, uniquely positioning TerraCycle as the leader in an industry with endless market potential and opportunity.

It’s the perfect investment, whether you care about the environment or not.

Take a tour with the executive team and see for yourself.

Before You invest

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our Circular

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Investment DETAILS
Security Type Convertible Participating Preferred Stock
Dividend Once a year. At least a minimum of 50% of our after-tax profits provided that TerraCycle US Inc. meets state law conditions for paying dividends.
Stock Price $100 per share, seven shares minimum. Additional investments in $100 increments.
Annual Sales (USA) $27,119,633
Gross Profit (USA) $13,414,619
Cash on Hand (USA) $13,001,182
Long Term Debt (USA) $410,723
*For additional 2019 year-end financial information, please see our most recent Annual Report.


TerraCycle has experienced growth and has evolved, having gone from selling one product to, 14 years later, becoming a profitable multimillion dollar company...







of pieces of
waste per year




This is our foundation for growth!

TerraCycle is constantly looking towards the future, always challenging ourselves on how to grow as a company. We remain grounded by our original goal of eliminating the idea of waste.


Gameplan img 1


According to the EPA, approximately 65% of all municipal solid waste is still buried in landfills or incinerated. There are more waste streams to conquer, more corporations to convert into clients, more collectors to recruit, more Zero Waste Boxes to sell and way more products to be made from recycled materials.

Gameplan img 2


In 2018 we acquired Air Cycle Corp., a waste recycler for mercury-containing fluorescent bulbs, battery, ballast and electronic waste disposal. This acquisition extended our business into the collection and recycling of products mandated for disposal by federal regulations, in addition to voluntary programs. This acquisition was extremely successful, and has already paid for itself. We intend to acquire more companies with complementary business models that we believe can prosper by utilizing the range of unique resources, vast corporate relationships and public goodwill we have in place.

In the news

Globally, over 14 articles are written about TerraCycle every day!

...over 10,000 more.

tv shows


The Pivot Network ( partnered with us to create an innovative docu-comedy: Human Resources, which became the highest rated original programming on the network and had 3 seasons (each 10x 30min episodes - all available on iTunes and Amazon Prime).

Download full episodes from iTunes
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Garbage Moguls

Garbage Moguls (4x 60 min episodes) takes a look inside one of the world's most eco-friendly manufacturers: TerraCycle. Follow the team's unorthodox creative process as they successfully develop, create, test and sell two unique products composed entirely of trash to two major retailers - OfficeMax and Wal-Mart.

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Tom writes for more than a dozen blogs. Click below to check some of them out!


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Make Garbage Great is the household primer on going and staying green. With more than 200 photographs and illustrations, and more than 100 tips and creative do-it-yourself upcycling projects, this book offers a visual guide to demystify the impact of “garbage” and how we can lessen it.

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Ever-expanding landfills, ocean gyres filled with floating plastic mush, endangered wildlife: our garbage has become a massive and exponentially growing problem in modern society. Eco-entrepreneur Tom Szaky explores why this crisis exists and explains how can we solve it by eliminating the very idea of garbage. To outsmart waste, he says, we first have to understand it, then change how we create it, and finally rethink what we do with it.

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Book img 3


Tom Szaky dropped out of Princeton University to found TerraCycle, a company that makes the non-recyclable, recyclable. Revolution in a Bottle is a rollicking tale of entrepreneurial adventure and an essential guide to creating a company that’s good for people, good for profits, and good for the planet.

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