We are ready to acquire companies that will grow our revenue and expand our service offerings.

In most cases, we look to acquire companies with strong revenue bases where the current owner has reached a plateau of growth and where meaningful growth may be attainted with the infusion of TerraCycle’s unique approach, innovation, support teams and client cross selling. We anticipate that in many cases, our acquisitions would focus on companies that outsource the waste processing and logistics, and where TerraCycle’s strengths in customer engagement, communications and education can provide both product distinction and client benefit.

We have developed long-term working relationships with senior management as well as the revenue producing side of major corporations: branding, sales and marketing. We rarely enter a potential client through the operational and procurement teams at these companies as is typical with recyclers or waste management firms. As a result, our services get tied into the branding of our clients. In fact, today the TerraCycle logo is on tens of billions of packages per year, is featured in major commercials, and is leveraged when marketing to their major retailers which distribute their products. As result of these strengths, we believe we can profitably grow a range of businesses within the TerraCycle ecosystem.

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